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We set out to create the best GRE® quantitative study platform ever conceived, and Target Test Prep GRE® Quant is the result of our relentless pursuit never to allow another student to sit for the exam ill-prepared. Target Test Prep GRE® Quant is an innovative, ultra-clear and super comprehensive GRE® quant course that’s unlike anything you’ve used before. This revolutionary course has been exactingly crafted to help you propel your quant score higher than ever before. Taught with unprecedented clarity and detail, this course offers serious material to prepare you for a serious exam.

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Watch a master teacher in action, and learn to think like an expert, in 800 instructor-led HD videos. Learn concepts, strategies, and techniques required to efficiently tackle any GRE® quantitative problem.

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Whether you’re just starting to study or are a seasoned test-taker trying to boost your score, you can customize our course to help you excel. At your fingertips, you’ll have everything you need for success. From A to B or A to Z, Target Test Prep GRE® Quant has you covered.
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You will learn. You will practice. You will master GRE® quant and vanquish whatever the GRE® throws at you, quickly, easily, and proficiently. Our ultra-comprehensive GRE® math curriculum, fused with score-increasing tools, insights, and strategies, all built on a robust learning platform, makes improving your score incredibly efficient.


20 rigorous chapters broken into 500+ lessons covering high value GRE® quant topics such as number properties, word problems, and geometry. We place all the content you need to earn an impressive quant score at your fingertips, on-demand.

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Practice problems

Proper practice makes perfect. 3,000+ realistic quantitative problems covering the most important topics provide ample, targeted GRE practice tests for even the most ambitious students.


Intelligent analytics, clever bookmarking features, crystal clear solutions, and over 800 HD videos make reviewing lessons, problems and GRE practice tests a breeze.

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If your official GRE quant score does not increase after completing Target Test Prep GRE Quant, request a full refund.

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Time is money. Intelligent analytics allow you to quickly zero in on and eliminate your weaknesses. Stop studying in the dark.


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I had the pleasure of using Target Test Prep while prepping for my GRE. The Target Test Prep Quant course was excellent... It was well worth the cost, and much more. The course provides all of the information needed to study, as well as a plethora of relevant and challenging practice questions [with crystal clear solutions and answers]. As a result, I am currently attending my first-choice school - a top 15 B-School worldwide. Looking back, I can testify that this investment in TTP saved me an abundance of study hours and unnecessary stress - I would do the same again! I highly recommend Target Test Prep!


When I decided to go back to school for my masters I was working full time, was not a good standardized test taker, and was quite put off by the idea of taking the GRE. Before opening a book, I knew that I would need help. I spoke to a number of tutors, but Jeff really listened to my goals for the exam and tailored a program to fit my needs. The Target Test Prep Quant course was also perfect; it covered the core content I needed to know but more importantly for me, it focused heavily on strategy. We met weekly for a few months. He was very patient with me and if one method didn't work, he tried another one and found new ways to ensure the content stuck... continue reading


Before working with Target Test Prep, I purchased GRE prep material from all the big name companies such as Kaplan and Princeton Review, and I self-studied for about three months. I thought that I was well-prepared, but after taking the GRE, it was clear that I was not. I had spent 90 days studying and found no obvious improvement in my GRE skills, nor in my score. I contacted Target Test Prep because a friend of mine had great success with them. At this point, I had deadlines looming and a busy schedule, and I was worried that I wouldn't have enough time to properly study before my next test date. To my delight, Target Test Prep was able to accommodate my schedule... continue reading


I used Target Test Prep to help me prepare for the math portion of the GRE. I am not a very good math student and have always struggled with math but thanks to the Target Test Prep program and personal tutoring, I scored a 158! This is a major improvement for me.


I loved using Target Test Prep to help me study for the GRE. I knew getting personalized help would be much more beneficial than taking a class or doing self-study, and it definitely was. Working with my TTP tutor helped me to learn the material that I needed to master in order to get the score I wanted on my GRE. We practiced a ton of problems and he showed me ways to solve them that weren't complicated at all! In between sessions I took full advantage of the amazing GRE quant course that allowed me to practice 100s of questions from all of my weak areas. I really couldn't have done it with out using this program. It gave me the confidence I needed to feel prepared for this test!

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