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How the TTP online course supercharges your GRE prep

Master concepts

A comprehensive course

Our GRE prep course includes every concept and strategy you need to conquer the GRE Quant and Verbal sections, plus shortcuts and tips from the experts.
Lear from experts

Strategic learning

Strategically organized chapters build a rock-solid foundation and dive deep into high-value Quant and Verbal topics, with clear, easy-to-digest lessons designed to maximize learning.
Practices with video explanations

Ample practice

4,000+ GRE practice questions provide targeted practice for students of every level. 1,000+ HD video explanations by expert instructors show step by step how to most efficiently solve problems.
Smart Analytics

Intelligent analytics

Detailed analytics track your performance at a granular level, so you can strategically focus your GRE studying to target weak areas and reach your goal score faster.
Customizable study plan

Flexible preparation

Study anywhere, anytime, on any device with our easy-to-use online platform, and drill vocab, formulas, and more with customizable digital flashcards.
Personalized study plan

Personalized for you

The TTP online GRE prep course adjusts to your individual needs and score goal, optimizing your study.

Score increase guaranteed

If your official GRE test score does not increase after you complete the Target Test Prep GRE course, continue using the course for free.
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Master every GRE Quant topic

There will be no surprises on test day.

  • Every GRE Quant concept explained clearly and simply.
  • Powerful strategies for answering each question type.
  • Thousands of realistic practice questions.
  • Pro tips, tricks, knowledge, and wisdom.
Quant topic from desktopQuant topic from tablet

Master every GRE Verbal topic

Develop the skills you need for test day.

  • Smart strategies for tackling Verbal questions with confidence.
  • Realistic practice questions covering all concepts and difficulty levels.
  • Insider knowledge for every Verbal question type and trap.
  • The ultimate vocab resource, with nearly 1,200 of the most common GRE words.
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Master The Analytical Writing Assessment

Earn a perfect essay score.

  • Get a foolproof formula for tackling any GRE essay topic
  • Learn the skills that GRE essay-graders reward
  • Become a more efficient essay-writer
  • Get key strategies and expert tips
Analytical topic from tablet

4000+ Quant and Verbal practice questions

Proper practice makes perfect.

  • Master the GRE Quant and Verbal game.
  • Gain experience in all GRE Quant and Verbal question types.
  • Solidify each lesson with strategic, topic-focused practice.
  • Build the speed and accuracy you need to achieve your goal.

Instructor-led HD video solutions

Train with the experts.

  • Enhance your GRE study with tons of video solutions for every Quant and Verbal topic.
  • Learn to solve questions like a pro.
  • See strategies implemented step by step.
  • See lesson concepts actively applied.

Quant and Verbal flashcards

Master the GRE® game

  • Quiz yourself on key concepts in Quant and Verbal.
  • Study cards by chapter or create custom decks and cards.
  • Drill vocab with 1,200 flashcards featuring definitions, synonyms, and example sentences.
  • Learn on the go and get in quick-hit study sessions.

Intelligent Analytics

Comprehensive performance analytics keep you on track to your goal.
Analytics desktopAnalytics mobileQuant AnalyticsVerbal AnalyticsTime per Cuestion
  • Get a detailed view of your performance on your personal dashboard.
  • See your speed, accuracy, and topic mastery, all in one place.
  • Identify weaknesses and turn them into strengths.
  • Gauge your level of preparedness as you progress through the course.

Error tracker

See what’s holding back your score.

  • View your most common mistakes overall and by topic.
  • See exactly how often you make each type of error.
  • Easily identify score-eroding habits and patterns.
  • Eliminate careless errors and increase your accuracy.

Custom test creation

Create a vast array of Quant and Verbal practice sets.

  • Review and reinforce what you’ve learned.
  • Strategically practice weak areas until they become strengths.
  • Select questions by type and difficulty level.
  • Practice pacing with customizable time per question.

Personalized study plan

Prepare for the GRE General Test using a study plan tailored to your unique goals.

  • Have a step-by-step road map at your fingertips.
  • Make consistent gains day after day, week after week.
  • Study with peak efficiency.
  • Never wonder what to study next.

Expert live support

Message a team of experts with questions, comments, or concerns. We’ve got your back each step of the journey.We help test-takers achieve their GRE goals

    We help students achieve their GRE® goals

    Improved From Q155 to Q163
    I studied with two other GRE courses and tutors without getting the improvement I experienced using this one. Target Test Prep was hands down better than any of the other classes or online courses I used.
    Scored 167 on GRE® Quant
    What I really liked about the platform was the organization and support. Juggling a full-time job and studying for the GRE isn’t an easy task, but TTP made the process as smooth as possible.
    Earned a Q168 / V166
    Thanks to Target Test Prep, I got admitted to both of the schools I applied to, Columbia and NYU. I haven’t decided yet where to go, but I’m happy to have options!

    A top-rated study platform

    Club user score
    GRE® Prep Club User
    Thanks to Target I was able to improve my quant score by 9 points, which greatly improved my chances to be accepted on my chosen phd program. I think Target is the best of quant course on the market, not only because their price is reasonable but their materials are perfect to study for the GRE.
    Club user score
    GRE® Prep Club User
    Target Test Prep was extremely useful to me! I spent some good time looking for study material online, especially for the quant section as I was apply for MBA programs, and TTP was hands down the best product I found.
    Club user score
    GRE® Prep Club User
    I was mainly seeking a source of good practice questions. Target Test Prep gave me exactly what I was looking for, and I think it has a lot to offer anyone who wants to improve their quant performance.